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What do you guys and girls do when you get burned out?


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I took a long ass break from this all. Almost 3 years to be exact.


Life/dating/gym had a lot to do with it. Still have all that going on, but now just felt the desire to attempt this again. I admit though, grinding out a trophy is something I didn't miss, but realize a game isn't complete without at least the plat. 


Will see how long I can sustain lol.

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I make sure to never play a game twice back to back, and switch up the genre as much as possible. Focus on one trophy at a time not one game at a time. Half my plats are "completed in 9 years" because i beat the game once 9 years ago and am finally getting back to clean up the second playthrough. If im having trouble with a game, I'll just move on to the next one for a couple days. I also try to ignore trophies on the first playthrough unless it would severely handicap me.


Or I'll put on a mindless game like stardew, terraria, most shooters, and just watch a movie on my second monitor. Work towards some grindy trophies.


Or if I am really burnt out, just go do my other hobbies, or read a book or something

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Since giving up entirely on trophies nearly 3 years ago, I can't say I've ever felt burnt out with a game since. 


Worst thing I can think of is that I'm currently stuck on the last bit of the last level of Raging Justice, I tried and I died and I tried and I died and then I went and played something else until I wanted to try again and then I die again and so on. You get the idea. 


If you're feeling burnt out on trophies, then quit trophies maybe?

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18 hours ago, ZireaelSan said:

As the title suggests, what do you folks do when you are burned out of a game? 

Been struggling lately with the 2015 need for speed prestige challenges, oh man after wasting around 7 hours i think i only managed to get one golden medal, 41 more to go f*ck yeah?! And now i feel so burned out of it that i just dont feel like doing it again anymore... 


Ps; if this is on the wrong place, sorry!

Play another game, or leave the console for a few days. It's why I'm not doing the last collectibles for UC2 right now. I know, if I do, i'll get burned and wont have enough care to do UC3. Just play a game that doesnt revolve around trophies much, like a COD game or an easy game. 

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18 hours ago, ERGOPROXY-DECAY said:

After been burned out you start to think is this all worth it 5, 10, 15, 20 years later. All the time wasted trying to get a trophy. When your 50yrs old and you think...damn I used 1/3 of those years trying for some trophies!!! Imagine someday...trophies are gone! dannng!

Not a problem whatsoever. I enjoyed my time, and at the time it was worth it to me. Thinking back later, looking at me doing something way back when that currently holds no meaning for me whatsoever, all I can do is smile and feel good about that I did what mattered to me then. And to the fullest capabilities I had at that time.

Grades in school and college/university is another nice example of things you can invest a lot of time in and then look back on it decades later and think: why did I even bother?!

I spend time on being the best of the class, graduating cum laude, etc. And at the time it mattered to me and I had fun doing that. I even got praised by peers and adults and had some rivalry going to be the top of the class. Not unlike trophy hunting, comparing trophy ratings, etc. Looking back on it later it served no purpose whatsoever for my later life and it could be argued I was better off spending my time on other developments and activities (no idea which). But at the time I did what mattered to me, so why bother looking back on it with the priorities I have today, which I probably didn't have back then.

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I take a break for however long it takes to find enthusiasm to play again. Sometimes it's an hour sometimes it's months. When I'm burned out on games I increase my reading consumption to 3-4 books a week or I'll be working on my creative projects every free minute I get. 

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