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Quick and Easy "His Father's Son" and/or "Hammered"

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Cross posting from the board of the EU version of the game - 


Be forewarned, this guide will contain slight spoilers for sections of the main story of Act 1, and is for people who wish to get all the trophies in Act 1.

Without the use of Save + Loading, or a second file, getting both of these trophies in one run is basically impossible, as one of them makes the other missable. 


EDIT: Through patches, His Father's Son is no longer missable, as Alexander no longer appears dead when you find him at the end section of of Act 1 when the Deathfog method outlined below is used. 


To get these quickly from starting a fresh new save, here is a quick step by step process on achieving them, with only one required fight after completing the tutorial.


Make sure you have chosen "Story" mode difficulty, and choose Fane as a Knight preset as your character. 


Spec all your combat ability points into Polymorph, your civil point into Telekinesis, take the Lone Wolf trait, and spec all your attribute points into Strength.  (With the two extra attribute points from 2 Polymorph, you should have 20 strength.) Your skill choices will be limited only to the 3 Polymorph skills, Tentacle Lash, Chameleon Cloak, and Bull's Horns.


1) Exit the tutorial by climbing up the ladder.

2) Walk past the Magister after going through forced conversation.

3) Pick up the bedroll on the right side after going through the second door.

4) Go down the left side now, and talk to the Magister next to the door and use Tentacle Lash on Windego to skip her conversation after the door is unlocked.

5) Climb up the staircase next to you when you wake up, and go through the doorway covered by fire.

6) Loot the key to the deathfog barrel room straight ahead of you, from the corpse on the right side. Quicksave here.

7) Open the door to the deathfog barrel room, and rush for the barrel and mash X to pick it up. (Put the barrel down outside the Deathfog for roughly 5 seconds to see if it breaks, if it breaks, load your Quicksave and repeat step 7, if not, continue)

8) Continue up the stairs in the room next to the Deathfog barrel room. You will fight two Vicious Voidlings, which are easily dispatched, just use basic attacks or Tentacle Lash on them.

9) Go to the raft on the opposite side of the boat and tell the dwarf and child to leave immediately, rather than continue for survivors.

10) After landing, head straight ahead until you reach the entrance Fort Joy Square, where you see Dallis, Alexander, and a group of Magisters interrogating Atusa (the lizard woman). Quicksave here. 

11a) If you are only after "Hammered" continue, otherwise continue to 11b. At this point, open your inventory, select Throw Item on the Deathfog Barrel, and put it near Alexander, the Atusa, and some of the Magisters without initiating conversation with them, and throw your Firebomb Grenade on the Deathfog Barrel. This will unlock you "Hammered". 

11b) If you are only after "His Father's Son", Chameleon Cloak past the Magisters, and approach the statue that the man and Lohse are worshipping. 

12) Speak to Lohse, recruit her, and tell her to become a Wizard rather than an her default as an Enchantress. 

13) Head to the west side of town (make sure you look at which side is north on your compass), and accept Gawin's quest to retrieve the Teleportation Gloves.

14) Continue heading west, and out of town towards the map marker showing where the Crocodiles that have the Teleportation Gloves are. Fight them, and kill them using spells, scrolls, and Tentacle Lash. Feel free to use your Firebomb Grenade if you need/want to.

15) Loot the gloves from the Crocodiles body, equip them on Lohse, waypoint to Fort Joy Square, and go east towards the large gates. 

16) Teleport Fane through the gate as far as you can, and enter through the door into Fort Joy Prison. 

17) Go south until you see two Magisters picking on a kid, and Chameleon Cloak past them towards the raft. Make sure you avoid the oil, as it will slow you down. Quicksave after interacting with the boat.

18) When you're out, keep heading north, and then east until you hit the waypoint for Hollow Marshes - Bridge, and walk up to the ledge next to Zaleskar. 

19) Use the waypoint with Lohse, and Teleport Fane to the bottom where the ledge faces, and hand the gloves to Fane to teleport Lohse down, and chain up the two characters.

20) Keep walking east, following the broken bridge, and ignoring the pigs, (if you get hit by a trap or AoE, just use the bedroll to heal up) until you reach an Ornate Chest. North of it are vines that are climbable, do so.

21) Continue heading straight east across and over the bridge, making sure you avoid the blind Magister, until you reach the elf tending to the people being crucified, and head north towards the waypoint. Quicksave here.

22) Keep heading north down one set of steps, and stay somewhat close to the left wall, so you can stay out of the Shrieker's vision, and Teleport Fane to a safe distance, and quickly swap to him. Lohse will commit suicide here trying to run to you as she is chained, but you can quickly revive her in a safe spot with a scroll or a spell, and just use a bedroll. 

23) Unchain Lohse from Fane when you revive her in a safe spot, and teleport Fane up to the ledge next to the area where Alexander and his Magisters and Gheists are situated, and pass the Teleport Gloves to Fane and equip them. Quicksave here.

24) Put the deathfog barrel on the edge of the ledge you are standing on towards Alexander, and then enter sneak mode, and use Teleport to drop the Deathfog barrel onto Alexander. This will unlock "His Father's Son" if you missed it by killing Alexander at the beginning and continuing to play normally.


After step 9, you will also unlock  "Thunder of the Upper Deep", which is impossible to miss, and at step 16, you will also unlock "Cat's Out of the Bag!" and "The Great Escape", the former is missable, the latter is impossible to miss.

Here is also a video on how to get from the beginning, to step 11a, and unlock "Hammered", with credit, and thanks to @Yadilie

A reminder that the video also contains spoilers.


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