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What would you do if you had to pay for Psn on Ps4 ?


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Thought i would post this as my 100th post 


My question is What would you do if you had to pay for Psn on Ps4 ? 


Would you have a problem paying for the service ? 


Would you consider another system ? 


Would you complain & boycott ? 


Are there any features you would like to change or for them to add ? 


What are your thoughts and what would you do ? 



Me personally i don't mind paying for the service as i trust and respect sony for making it free since launch 

i would actually like to pay so they can earn more money and keep upgrading the network and make great games 

that obviously all depends on how much they would charge ? 


I think that they will probably integrate Ps+ and make it part of Psn 

I think that 50$ a year would be a reasonable price

And if they did this it would be a good idea for them to make Psn and the Ps store more untied : 


Instead of a different store for each individual country split it up into 





Etc ......  


And make Visa , Paypal , Debit , Credit cards usable on all store's as currently you must be living in that region to have such option 


I also think that they should make the options in account management changeable as currently you cannot change the country that you entered

this may not be a problem for a lot of users but it is for some and the option should be there

when i made this account i was living in Malta and when i made it i didn't know it didn't have Ps store i really didn't use Psn that much

previous to that i was living in Spain and i have an account for there too

now i am living in the UK and cannot change this my MAIN account to over here and i also cannot use my Vita on this account

but i don't want to lose my trophies so i'm stuck  


I know a lot of people have this problem and it is easy to resolve with a feature that is easy to incorporate i also think that they should

allow users to change the Psn if they want too 


Hopefully with the Ps4 they will address all these issues and more 

we know how the internet is being used a lot more these days and it's more connected etc 

these small features should be mandatory 


The reason it's not is because the service is free

again with the ps store they only need to add a currency change as to what Visa the user is using .


You have also got the problem of every country has different laws and regulations

this can simply be fixed by tracking the ip address to the country where your using it from and then apply the laws , regulations and terms of service


I also think you should be able to transfer purchases and trophies or connect accounts so that you can use everything from all your own stuff

If you think that will cause piracy it probably will but it's unfair that the people who do not Game share etc have to do without or suffer 


That's really all i can think of at the moment i will probably be adding some more things later 

thank you for reading and i look forward to your input and opinions 


If you feel like asking me a question go ahead 


Thanks . 

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I would prefer if it stayed free, but i would gladly pay 50 a year if it included the free streaming of ps3 games, ps plus, and i would love if they gave us money for trophies


I don't think they would give money for trophies 


But it would a really good idea if they gave you avatar's or theme's for completing certain games , trophies etc 

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Let's say there is a 1 Year Subscription Service Plan for the price of 50 dollars - I would purchase that one year service plan, test the network for the full service. If I'm am satisfied with the stability of the entire network, then i will likely renew said plan each year. If i am dissatisfied, I will continue on gaming as i do now.. excluding online co-op and competitive multiplayer, which is a rarity. The only disadvantage I see, for me anyway,  is not being able to obtain dlc from the online network.


The option to change your PSN ID would be nice but likely cause issues.


Like Xbox, they should implement the Party Chat feature for the PS4 - very useful.


Avatars! I may have read that they are allowing you to use your own image for the PS4 - not 100% sure though. There are so many fantastic titles that should have avatars, yet, they do not.

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Depending on the price, I'd pay it. I pay the yearly fee for Live, and enjoy the service. My biggest gripe is the amount of adds. If you're going to charge me for the service, don't push adds down my throat. I can understand adds on a free service as a way to offset offering the service for free, but not when you pay. I do think 60$ a year is my limit though.

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I tend to get psn plus so it wouldn't really matter.  It depends on how they do it.  If they have 2 types of memberships 1 for basic and 1 for plus members it wouldn't be a bad thing. Nothing beats a free system though.  The basic membership should be half what plus should be with few benefits. Plus membership keep getting the benefits that we do now.

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Very good question :D

I really hope it remains free, or at least the basic stuff remaining free as it is now.

If it wasn't free, well I'd be very disappointed as the free online is one of the major selling points. Would I still buy a PS4? Highly likely, but it all depends on how much it is/how much spare cash I have if I pay for online.


I do think it would be a bad move on Sony's part though.

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Depends.  Despite the fact I pay, does it have ads for 5000 fucking things including shit that has nothing to do with games like Xbox Live does?  If so, HELL NO.  It's kind of sad that the dashboard for a free service has 95% less ads than the dashboard for a paid one >_>

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