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Thoughts on Strange Brigade?


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On 08/07/2019 at 8:49 AM, Lonemankane said:

The game throws so many at you in such little time.


At least in zombie army you could have 3 guns.


Loved the game, funny announcer (although he indeed gets old after a couple of maps - but there is an option to tune him down), amazing graphics, nice gameplay, good coop (unless you get the guy that just decides to leave horde at wave 15 as a host just because ?), loved the puzzles (!) - good game all around and worth buying it on sale definitely. Seems it got under the radar a bit unjustifiably, for me.


But I do agree they were throwing a bit too much, I think was about 3 different enemies on each map, they could have spaced it out a bit more.


Well, technically you can get 3 weapons if you buy the extra upgraded ones that appear here and there. Wasn't phased out by the lack of diversity to weapons, it felt ok for a game based on just a campaign (gems helped give some 'diversity')

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  • 7 months later...

A good fun game to play with a mate or 2, stress free platinum, although there’s just 1 hard section on extreme if going for 100% but other than that but it’s easy, I like the narrator, he’s funny, being English myself especially, the dlc is only worth it on a deal I would say, only adds 3 missions which are a cake walk with all the gems and weapons of your choosing, even extreme was too easy say for the previously mentioned single section, but all in all a fun game, recommend it to anyone still pondering this one 

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