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Fast Learner glitched?

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All you have to do for this is get the Chain Bonus, right? And it can be done in private matches? I did it twice in the same match and Fast Learner did not pop. It was the last bonus I needed for Abstergo Employee of the Month as well, but that didn't pop either for I assume the same reason. Anyone else have this issue?

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You need to kill your target while there's someone after you. That means you can only kill your target when you see on your screen to "escape" and then you have to escape in 10 seconds. I believe the countdown starts once you kill you target.


Probably what you're doing wrong is that you kill your target but you don't escape in 10 seconds, try hiding in a haystack since the timer goes faster there. If this still happens use the mega sprint to run away, I got my trophy in that way without boosting (it was some years ago)


I hope this tips help you out

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