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Ok so after around 3 month of playing this game both legit and boosting certain trophies i have finally hit the wall and lost all motivation for what i thought initially at first was a great game.


Certain aspects have completley destroyed my motivation of playing this game legit.

1. The amount of people who quit out after they die, its a survival game, if you die try again next game.

2. When you finally get to play as jason and like my point above get x amount of kills only for x amount of people to quit.

3. The rapidly dropping player stats 

18553 game owners

48 recently played

Thats according to the EU version on psnprofiles. I generally find games late evening when people play the NA version which doesnt help as i already have a screwed up sleeping pattern and i would like to try and get it to normal at some point.


Its not all doom and gloom however, i think the game serves as a great hub to meet fellow gamers and have fun playing the game even if it means resorting to private matches to weed out the quitters.


Now onto my first question


1. I want to get the plat for this game sooner rather than later. I generally do a 1v1 on private and we rotate as jason every other match, now would that be the quicker option or as my buddy suggested would it be quicker to do say a 30 minute block as jason then switch or even a 1v2/ 1v3. Its mainly just for the 1000 matches but i havent been keeping track, however when i hit 500 i will have my trusty pad and pen ready


2. So jasons badge for kill a counsellor. I know you only gain 1 badge per match but i just want to know if that is a combimed total of all badges related to kills (enviro/ weapon ect)


Thanks for any help you can give me.


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