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Just got it on my second attempt.

The first time it glitched for me despite the fact that I 100% won with every team.


This time, I deleted all the savegames and did it on custom game 1 min quarters on rookie difficulty.

I did not modify the sliders, just saved the game settings (rookie dif., 10sec play clock remaining, 1 min quarters, standard cameras(on visual feedback)


Played with each team in order as the home team, against random oponents.

Won all games on regulation, except the Broncos which I beat in Overtime.


By the way, I did this in ONE SITTING, did not even leave the 'Play Game' menu at all.


I hope this helps.


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Hi all. Just did this trophy. Figured I'd post in case anyone else finds this thread. 


I went from the first team alphabetically to the final team. The game actually remembered my old wins from playing online at launch and stuff, so the Titans game was my last one before the trophy popped. I messed with settings and time and difficulty as I went along to keep it interesting. Just keep a tally next to you of who you had completed and not. I had a few games go to overtime and had to redo two games (meaning I lost the first time and won the 2nd). 


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