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Hey, I have serious problems to unlock the Trust trophy. In Act 1, I made sure that Finn gets released. In Act 2, I made sure he escaped and is going to help me. So far, so good. Act 3 starts in the bar, were Felicity leaves and he calls me. After that, Becky rushed to the location and calls Tom on the way (I have no option to call someone else). Arriving there, I have killed the Trapper, I have let him kill me and Tom, but nothing popped. What do they want me to do? Fynn DID lead me to Adam. Is there a hidden condition I've missed earlier in the game?


These games trophies look so easy, but are implemented so bad. In my first playthrough, I 100% knew who the Trapper was. The reporter in the end said who it was. The witness said who it was. Fynn confirmed who it was. But I didn't get the trophy for revealing him because I missed something somewhere else. How am I supposed to know about these stupid hidden conditions? The guides here aren't helping at all, sadly they're pretty weak because there are many choices that are not mentioned in them but mess up the trophy.


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