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Yakuza 2 & Kiwami 2 LEGEND In-depth Let's Play Guide (Fully Translated & Narrated)


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By completing the game on LEGEND mode (unlocked once you've completed the game) you will unlock a GOLD trophy (for trophy hunters). This video guide provides all the tips and strategies you need to beat the game on the highest difficulty. It also talks about the history of the development behind Yakuza 2 and its EXTREME remake, Kiwami 2.

Entire Playlist:

CHAPTER 1: December 2006, One Year after the 10 Billion Yen Incident, Kazuma Kiryu and Haruka Sawamura visit the graves of Nishikiyama, Yumi and Kazama when the Fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Yukio Terada approaches Kiryu seeking a truce with the Omi Alliance when suddenly...




CHAPTER 1 PART 2: Meeting Daigo Dojima
Kazuma Kiryu returns to Kamurocho to find Daigo Dojima.



CHAPTER 2: Ryuji Goda 'The Dragon of Kansai' (FEATURED IN THE DEMO)
Kiryu and Daigo arrive in Soutenbori, Osaka. Kiryu has a fateful encounter with Ryuji Goda, Second Chairman of the Omi Alliance's Go-Ryu Clan. His ultimate ambition: Wage war against the Tojo Clan and kill Kazuma Kiryu in order to become 'the one true dragon'.




CHAPTER 3: Tojo Clan & Omi Alliance

Kiryu and Daigo head to the Omi Alliance Headquarters. Jin Goda, the current chairman of the Omi Alliance agrees to a 50-50 truce. However, negotiations falter when Ryuji Goda ambushes the peace treaty.




CHAPTER 4: The Sniper

Kiryu takes an injured Karou Sayama to a local Soutenbori bar called Aoi. NOTE: Substories in chapter 4 can be completed before heading back to Aoi. To be continued...


CHAPTER 4 PART 2: The Mahjong Informant

Kiryu returns to Aoi and we discover that the bullet used by the assailant was not meant to kill but to intimidate Kiryu. Sayama tells Kiryu to find an informant in a padded vest in the mahjong parlor with a series of questions about the rates he offers. Plot twists unfold! To be continued... 



CHAPTER 4 END: Bounty on Kiryu's Head

Kiryu has a bounty on his head and we are introduced to the all new Nightlife Island - originally featured in Yakuza Zero. I explained how it all works, from translating the menus and how to increase the fanbase within the vicinity to expand the business and gain revenue. Off to Kamurocho in the next chapter.





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CHAPTER 5: Return to Kamurocho

Kiryu returns to Kamurocho with Sayama. Upon arrival, Sayama falls ill and rests at Serena. Later, Kiryu receives a phone call from someone who has abducted Daigo. Kiryu returns to Tojo HQ to report on Daigo's disappearance but learns that Shindo of the Nishikiyama Family holds a grudge against him. To be continued...



CHAPTER 5 PART 2: Kaoru Sayama's Shower

Kiryu learns about Sayama's past and why she joined the force. Later, Kiryu and Sayama head to Purgatory where the Mad Dog awaits...



CHAPTER 5 END Kiryu VS. Majima

Majima agrees to join the Tojo Clan under one condition: Kiryu must compete in the Purgatory Underground Coliseum. It's the fight we've all been waiting for: The Dragon of Dojima VS The Mad Dog of Shimano represented in the glorious Dragon Engine 2.0



Chapter 6: Kazuki's Twin

Detective Date and Kawara chase after Kazuki, the owner of Stardust. Meanwhile Kiryu heads to the Amano Building to rescue Daigo Dojima. What Kiryu finds on the rooftop will shock him...



Chapter 7: The Bartender's Betrayal


Kiryu and Date catch up on events that have transpired at Bantam. Date tells Kiryu about his relationship with Kawara and the Jingweon Mafia massacre. However, it turns out someone put a bounty on both Kiryu and Sayama...




CHAPTER 8: Kage the Florist

Things take an ugly turn for Date as he is wanted for murder. Kiryu and Sayama head to the Millennium Tower to meet Kamurocho's legendary informant, The Florist of Sai (Kage).



Chapter 8 END: Rescue Daigo Dojima!

Kiryu and Sayama head to the dilapidated Shangri-La to rescue Daigo Dojima. 



Chapter 9: Terada's Funeral



Kiryu attends Terada's funeral at the Tojo Clan HQ. Things go awry when the Go-Ryu Clan arrive at Tojo HQ...




Chapter 9 END: Shindo's Indecency 

Kiryu rushes to the Tojo Clan HQ to confront Shindo of the Nishkiyama Family. Kiryu learned from Majima that Shindo sold out to Sengoku during the Omi invasion of Kamurocho. Betraying the Tojo Clan, he reveals that several Tojo officers were assassinated. He also has a 'thing' for middle-aged women...



Chapter 10: Kage's Kid

Kiryu encounters Takashi (The Florist of Sai's son) at Theater Square only to discover that Takashi is philandering with another woman. Kiryu asks the whereabouts of Kyoka (Takashi's love interest in Yakuza/Kiwami) to which Takashi reveals is seeing another man...



Chapter 10 PART 2: Kiryu & Sayama in Osaka

Kiryu and Sayama spend some quality time together in Soutenbori. 



Chapter 10 END: Ryuji Goda's Tattoo

Kiryu encounters a master tattoo artist of Soutenbori, Kazahori who is on the verge of throwing away his most important piece: The Golden Dragon. Kiryu learns of the origins of Ryuji Goda's tattoo and why Kazahori's disciple refuses to take over the Kazahori name...



CHAPTER 11: Murai Christmas

Kiryu and Sayama embark on a journey to find Keima. They will solve riddles, fight against their enemies, receive mysterious phone calls and inevitably meet one of the Survivors of the Jingweon Mafia massacre. This is one of the most controversial chapters because players are introduced to a third city in Yakuza 2 (Shinseicho) which is absent in Kiwami 2.



Chapter 12: Haruka Kidnapped 

Kiryu learns that Haruka was 'Taken' by the clutches of Sengoku. Truth, deception and betrayals. Although wounded, Kiryu will stop at nothing to rescue Haruka. To be continued...



Chapter 12 END: Kiryu VS. Feral Tigers

Kiryu enters the Osaka Castle, narrowly escapes the deadly Machiavellian traps, uses a machine gun to obliterate Sengoku's henchmen and fights two feral tigers! 


Chapter 13: Quality time with Haruka

Kiryu and Haruka spend some quality time together. To be continued...



Chapter 13 END: Sayama's Family

Kiryu, Haruka and Sayama head back to Kamurocho where Kurahashi has taken Date hostage at the Millennium Tower. 


Chapter 14: Forbidden Romance

(SEGA America copied the title I gave for my live-stream...or maybe its just a coincidence)
Kiryu shares a tender moment with Sayama. Meanwhile, our heroes learn that Kamurocho is in danger! To be continued...




Chapter 14 END: Kamurocho's da Bomb!

Kazuki recovers and tells Kiryu, Date and Yuya that Kamurocho is rigged with 33 bombs. Shortly after, Kiryu returns to the Tojo Clan to inform Daigo, Yayoi and Kashiwagi about the bombs. Kiryu makes a choice: he will fight off the Omi Alliance while Daigo and 300 Tojo men work together to defuse the bombs to protect the city.



Chapter 15: Majima's Instinct

Majima defuses the last bomb using only his 'instincts'. Meanwhile at HQ, Sayama cracks the disc and discovers something shocking...








Amon Battle Bouncer Mission : LEGEND difficulty




You are about to embark on what is probably the HARDEST BOSS FIGHT in Ryu ga Gotoku history. It is recommended that you acquire ALL of Kiryu's abilities in your main playthrough, complete the game, start a Premium Adventure and purchase all the special end-bonus weapons from Kamiyama. Equip Kiryu with the 'Protection of The Dragon' armor set pieces and spam the Golden Pistol. Be cheap because the Amon Bros are the definition of cheap.



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Game design difference. When you get to Chapter 4 in the original Yakuza 2, there are certain aspects of this chapter where you'll have to 'think outside the box' especially when you have to talk to the Mahjong Informant. Remember, always talk to Kurokawa (the purple suited thug that kisses up to Kiryu) so you won't have to pay a dime to the Informant when he asks for 300 grand :




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Game design difference:




In Chapter 10, Kiryu, Sayama and Date have a discussion about Bessho and Kawara. In the original Yakuza 2, the cutscene takes place at the docks where Kiryu fought against the Shimano Family where he learned the truth about his parents. In Kiwami 2, the cutscene takes place at the rooftops right above Serena.

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Scenario difference:

During the sweet montage where Kiryu and Sayama spend some quality time together in Soutenbori, there's a segment in the original Yakuza 2 that's missing in Kiwami 2. In the original, Kiryu and Sayama are at the pachislots. Kiryu loses his chance at the slot machines but Sayama gets all Lucky 7's. This scene is missing in Kiwami 2.

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