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Legendary characters to unlock


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Warning: this topic is not trophy-related.


I have only 3 legendary characters (Allistair Tellpenny, Sarah Lyons and Jericho) for now and I wonder how/if the 20 characters can be unlocked in a reasonable time. I know that they can appear lunchboxes and a very few quests. My background is: I have one trophy left before the plat', just waiting for my 20 legendary clothes. I did everything legit, spending no dime in micro-transactions and without time-skipping, so I am around 80-90 hours in the game and my curiosity starts to be really confused about it. (yeah I know, it is a detail)

My questions are:

  1. Somebody told on a previous psnprofiles topic (see Radio stations and babies topic) that 2 legendary characters can give birth to a legendary characters (with a little probability) having Lvl 50 and SPECIAL at 10 everywhere. I am already with 3 such babies - coming from Allistair and Sarah - and all are stupid as hell, so does sb can confirm this trick? Or is it a complete joke? 
  2. Are there some daily or weekly quests which are more generous with legendary characters? I say that because some special quests can happen: (only) one time I got a clue inside a quest which unlocked another quest allowing to earn 100 000 caps in a single quest and a lot of good material (this extra and rare quest had a specific violet color).
  3. Maybe there are some quests unlocked later which give more characters - what seems possible Idk.... I have done only around 110-120 quests. 
  4. Is it mainly for micro-transactions? ?

Thank for any help or discussion,


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Legendary babies means being born with high stats. You need close to maxed out parents for this. I have +3 child specials pet, if you assign that to the pregnant woman than the born child will always be rare (29 stat points) even if the parents have minimal stat points. The highest I've seen so far was a child born with 59 stat points (out of 70).

I had two people as adam/eve, making about 4-5 children a day. Eve had the +3 child specials pet, adam had the +2 child specials pet. Although I'm pretty sure dad's pet serves no purpose here.

As for legendary characters: these can't be gotten from babies and only a few can be gotten from quests, the rest come from lunchboxes. But they are so rare that I'd say: don't wait for it and just craft those outfits for your platinum.
I ended the game with two sarah lyons (both from quests), oldfellow, butch and buttercup. I don't remember which I got from a lunchbox and which from quests, if any.

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