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Do the multiplayer missions disappear after you select them?


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I've been playing the factions mp for a few days and I've been following a guide which says to pick the hard missions for the +10% and -60% events and save the easy ones for the -100% events. However, I've noticed that the missions I've chosen previously are still available at later events, making it unnecessary to select the harder missions at all. What's going on? Do missions disappear from the list after you select them or not?

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You get 3 tiers of each mission type for the multiplayer. Each tier is more difficult, or requires more to do, than the previous tier. For example, if you pick the one for healing teammates. The first tier might require 3 heals, while the 2nd tier might require 6 heals and the 3rd and last tier might require 9 heals. One you have completed the 3rd tier then that mission disappears.

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