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Personally, I don't put too much stock into Metacritic scores. I mean, I get why they exist and all, but I wouldn't base my buying decisions on them.


However - and this is a big however - I'm delighted to see a new Spider-Man game be released to a wave of good reviews and positivity. It's like Spider-Man 2 finally got a follow-up worth its salt. Here's hoping it leads to more superhero based titles down the road, as there's been very few good superhero games in the last decade. 


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But it is not about you or anybody, it's about many people whose opinion on buying the game relying on such scores. And companies know about it. I always thought that user score (not critics) is the most objective and honest score of the game, but now I doubt it, and it is sad. Sorry for my English.


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Don't bother looking at the user score of console exclusives.

No matter which company, if the game is a console exclusive it will attract shitposters mad at the fact that the game isn't on their platform of choice.


Though picking out some of the longer user reviews that actually tell why they give it the score they think it deserves can be a good thing.


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