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Patch to Fix Trophy Glitch: A Bard’s Tale Remastered and Resnarkled


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A few days ago, I wrote to InXile Entertainment in regards to the glitched trophies in A Bard’s Tale IV Remastered and Resnarkled edition. They finally responded with some good news. According to the email, the devs state a patch has been sent in to Sony. There is no word however when the patch will go live. Here’s to hoping that the platinum will be obtainable by the time the physical edition makes its way to our doorsteps ?


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According to Douglas from Limited Run Games, their studio Mighty Rabbit has helped inXile with the patch for a proper physical release on PS4. They have stated that they'll only do a PS4 release since it was too much work with the Vita patch since they had to rebuild a big part of the game. So the patch will come to PS4, but unsure of Vita.

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11 hours ago, OroBros said:

Any proof mate?


Weird that you didn't ask for proof from the guy who started this thread, but just cited a private e-mail he supposedly got.


I have contacted them *repeatedly* on Twitter over the last 9 months, and it's always the same thing: either no reply at all, or "patch in the works, we're waiting on Sony". I'm not going to dig up Twitter links though.


Here is a thread on the inXile (developer) forums where they said that they were aware of the trophy issues, were working on a patch, but Sony certification was getting in the way. That was 11 months ago.

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22 hours ago, Guardian_owl said:

That's what they told me a week and a half ago that they submitted a new build, but they could have just as easily been lying I guess not to spoil their roll out of Bard's Tale IV.

Have seen on various sites that they're getting a lot of negative feedback about their new game because of this. (Gamefaq, reddit, etc) So unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me that it's nothing more than damage control and has no substance. Hope I'm wrong but have little faith at this moment.

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