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Is there really a gorgon eye/pheonix feather at the start of Delphi Catacombs?


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For Gorgon Eye 14 and Phoenix Feather 9, it says to run forward and break through a decayed wall at the very start of the Delphi Catacombs. Do these really exist? I can't seem to break the door and I can't find any video guides that mention these collectibles.







Gorgon Eye #14
After collecting the last Eye and Feather, head back out into the hallway where you got the statue and proceed into the room at the end of the hallway on the left. In this room is another gas dispenser that, when activated, will collapse the room's floor and drop you into a new hallway. As soon as you land in this hallway, run straight ahead until you see a decayed wall that you can break through and you will find this chest on the other side of it.

Phoenix Feather #9
In the same room as Gorgon Eye #14.




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12 minutes ago, Evil_Joker88 said:


The chests shown at 11:15 are Gorgon Eye 15 and Phoenix Feather 10 in the written guide. And there is no health or magic upgrade in the video but it is mentioned in the text guide


Every guide I read and video has that one as the next one to collect. I think it is indeed #14 as the description for 15 looks just like what the video has for 15 in the main room.


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On 9/17/2018 at 11:09 AM, Evil_Joker88 said:

Not entirely sure but i use this video and there aren't descriptions as in your text guide. I progressed so far i have the trophy for all gorgon eyes so i think you might get it too following this video even without the above mentioned items...



Thank you so much for posting this.  I wrote down the chapters of what everything was in, yet went past the "crank" part in Chapter 5, and after getting a magic and fighting a battle, I found out I was unable to return to collect the Gorgon Eye next to it.  I believe I read somewhere that you can restart the chapter via the menu, yet you have to beat the whole level over again.  So I just stopped, and reloaded the level from the start, so damn stupid.


This video guide is the best one I've seen so far, and apparently I'm going to have to nurse it through with the collectables to reduce my overall replay time.

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