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Seeing as I couldn't find a list of how many Hero Colosseum story battles there were, I created one as I progressed. Please keep in mind that you will need to complete all Non-DLC free battles as well for the trophy.

Does anyone know how many Hero Colosseum story battles there are? I thought this would be a relatively quick trophy, but I'm on my 15th battle and its only now just Tien. There are about 50 characters not to mention NPCs am I going to have to play them all? If there is no list, here is what I have so far.


1 - Goten

2 - Kid Trunks

3 - Vegeta

4 - Hercule

5 - Majin Buu

6 - Piccolo

7 - Frieza

8 - NPC 1

9 - NPC 2

10 - Dodoria

11 - Zarbon

12 - Goku

13 - Yamcha

14 - Krillin

15 - Tien

16 - Whis

17 - Beerus

18 - Android 18 (good timing)

19 - Android 17

20 - Great Saiyaman 2 (Saiyawoman?[Saiyaperson??])

21 - Great Saiyaman

22 - Jaco

23 - Vados

24 - Guldo

25 - Saibaman

26 - Pan

27 - Frost 

28 - Gotenks

29 - Cabba

30 - Vegeta

31 - Goku

32 - Hit

33 - Champa

34 - Beerus

35 - Gogeta

 I'll go back and edit this as I progress, but I would like to know if its already published.


This should be the complete story list. I think a few of these can be skipped, but it was not apparent when I was going through it. I could have sworn it made me fight those 2 NPCs before the story continued. Also battles like Guldo and Zarbon cannot be repeated, making me wonder if they needed to be done at all.


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For the Free battles, there are several that have been added since the first release. They are not required for the trophy. This video shows which free battles you will need to complete. Remember to talk to Oshi for the trophy to pop.





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