List of All Ingredients + Locations for Rare Items *Potential Missable*

By eigen-space,
Here's a list of ingredients by rank and the location of some of the more obscure ones. Any of the ones that don't have a description next to them are found relatively easily by post-game so long as you gather at all points, so I won't be detailing those here.
I'm intending to clean this up for a proper guide (with pictures!) but felt that so many people are having trouble with some of the collectibles that I should just put it out here now rather than wait on it.   Note 1-- if you receive an ingredient from an NPC, it will not register in your "ingredients" tally but it will count toward the trophy. I personally popped this trophy with only having my display show 159/160 (was still missing Chewy Flour for the tally, which I found shortly after anyway).   Note 2 -- The locations I've noted for some of the rarer materials may not be the only locations to get these ingredients to spawn, they are just the locations that I was able to get them to spawn at.   Processed   Fruit   Vegetable   Meat   Seasoning   Fish   Egg