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How to bypass Sony Rewards from EU?


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As many of you in here, I have a regional secondary account. 


I've used it good and plenty and got myself 50$ worth of points, but when trying to purchase from the Rewards-store, I get denied access, saying they're unable to complete the purchase. 

>I tried multiple billing adresses


I tried contacting them and the reply was simply needed to be in North-America for it to work. 


Any fellow hunters found way around it?



>Using VPN

>Tried several different VPN locations 

>Currently only smartphone available

>Out of ideas


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11 hours ago, ERGOPROXY-DECAY said:

Is this illegal, Would it be consider a real life exploit? Maybe have an NA friend redeem it for you. Give them % of the profit..

Would be a good idea, if I had any NA friends. 


5 hours ago, Donkrieg1011 said:

Lol would like to know how to bypass Sony Rewards as well. The website is garbage but I already have 3000 points saved up. :( 

Indeed, it shouldn't be this hard when they can't even bother releasing the program in EU.

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