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"Close Call" Mission (Hasbro Game Channel)


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I already got all the trophies, however theres also the missions of the "Hasbro Game Channel" and I'm having issues trying to get "Close Call" (Survive a game with only one territory remaining)

Actually its the only one remaining for me and I've tried many ways to get it with no success.

Does anyone know exactly how to earn this mission?

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I figured it out

The way you earn this mission is playing world domination, it doesn't matter if it`s against AI or human players (I did it against humans). Just be sure to activate the "cease fire" card in the options menu and then just play. Deploy all your armies in just one place and try leaving the rest of territories with only 1 army so its easier for your opponents to conquer them. Also, don't attack any enemy territory and just wait till someone draws the "cease fire" card.

That's it.

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