Chapter 2 Possible Bug [First Laird and Nick section] - Solution

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While going for the platinum for Outlast 2 I ran in to a nasty bug during the first encounter with Laird & Nick in the 2nd chapter.

All the walkthroughs online tell you to run directly backwards and in under the tent directly next to the campfire (left side). But for some reason (after 20 tries) I would get spotted every time despite the same patch being displayed in the videos doing the same route but being safe.


If you run into this going for the INSANE run I found a solution:


1. Trigger the encounter by sidestepping towards the exit, N&L will spawn.

2. Sprint past the campfire and to the left towards a gate at the end of a corridor and face it.

3. Turn around and the following can happen:

a) He spots you

B ) He doesn't.

In both cases since you sprinted to the gate he will converge on the position giving you an fast and perfect opportunity to pass him.

4. After he says his final dialogue line (Scared/Sacred something) count to 3 and crouch into the grass on the right side moving forward.

5. Move foward alongside the rockwall until you find a small dark crevice, stay there until he passes you.

6. Once he's passed you, you are safe to stand up and sprint to the finish.


If you want I can record a video of this method.


PM Me on PSN @EphemeralEcho



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Nice! Thank you for the tip! 

I'm currently going through my third period of trying to complete the Insane run. My first group of attempts was in May 2017, then I tried again in May 2018, and now I want to try it again. Every time I've done this, I've STUDIED walkthrough videos, I've done Nightmare runs to practice many times (I even made it through Nightmare without any deaths once, but I did use more than 1 battery), practiced chapters over and over again etc.. But whenever I'm on the actual Insane run, I always get incredibly nervous, and play poorly. Like, areas I've previously managed to complete effortlessly on Nightmare suddenly become incredibly hard because my hands are sweating and my heart is pumping. 

On Insane runs, I've died... 

right before the area where you have to run to the elevator to get away from Martha. I climbed under the car, but as soon as I exited back out from under the car, a guy saw me. 

at the horrifying cart pushing area with Martha. Three times!


in the school basement, after going down the ladder from the snowy courtyard. The monster caught me. 


in the school bathroom stall chase. I got stuck in a door opening. 


And that's basically as far as I've gotten on Insane. I'll keep trying, but man... this trophy really hurts me.  


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