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November 19th, 2018 - Servers closed


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Theres still time for completing the online trophies. That is, if someone is able to make Just Dance TV works properly. There is one trophy for watching one autodance (I got it by watching my own autodance), one trophy for watching 20 autodances (must work by watching 20 of your own autodances, as long as they are 20 different videos, it didnt work watching the same), and one trophy for "liking" someone else's autodance, and here, my friends, might be unobtainable territory! Because for some reason the JD TV never works for most players. If someone here knows how to fix that, and how to obtain this trophy, please post here, let us know.


PS.: I heard that booting the game up without internet connection, and then pluging your internet cable or wifi would work... Tried that several times, no luck so far.

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10 hours ago, jayboo1991 said:

I wrote a support ticket about that case .. let's see, what they answer.:)

Thats great, I wrote one as well.


And actually I wrote 2 suggesting a patch for Just Dance 2015 to make some content needed for a trophy available before the shutdown, since they are released from October to March. Can you guys join my cause? Heres my post where I explain how to proceed and what to suggest in the support ticket:



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