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Multiplayer dead?


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On 01/05/2019 at 2:50 PM, totallycrushed said:

@Shmeefly Codies don't really close F1 servers. 15 has plenty of time still being on current gen and no Racenet attached to it. I'd worry more about last gen. Mostly 2010 and the titles attached to Racenet.

Thanks for letting me know, that said CM are a bit unorthodox so il probably do it sooner than later lol

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I have been trying to find some public races the last few nights but no luck so far. The MP of this game seems to be completely dead. Having done F1 2014 on PS3 a little while ago that feels a bit odd, as you can still find healthy lobbies in that version every day. I know why that is, most players with a PS4 will have moved on to the newer installments in this series and PS3 players will stick with the latest version on their systems. But still I would not have expected to need a booster for this game. Oh well, back to the gaming sessions page it is then!

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