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Well, hello there...


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Hello everyone - I am Snoop--Pigg - I am fairly new to the site in the sense that I registered a few weeks back, and have been getting addicted to updating my profile, seeing how many places I can climb on the leader boards each week...    I figured it was about time I introduced myself to the group formally and try and be part of something bigger than myself.


I would describe myself as a casual gamer - but one who loves the chime of a new trophy being claimed (hence some of the shameless trophies I have already collected - Mayo, Massagy and Slyde, I am looking at you!). I have a penchant for driving games, but do enjoy most games - with the exception of FPS's - which I just never seemed to get into for some reason.  


I have never really managed to get into the whole multi-player kind of thing - so I am hoping that i might be able to make some friends here, and participate in more online boosting shenanigans with one or two of you as a way of obtaining some of those trophies that require it...     and to have fun with a wider circle of friend than those in my head. 


Anyway - I feel that I have consumed too much of your time talking about me...   I look forward to meeting a few of you


Peas and Loaves


Snoop Piggy Pigster



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Hello there, welcome to the site :wave:


Very nice introduction. Reminds me a lot about myself since I also enjoy racing games and despise online multiplayer trophies for the most part. I see you have been recently working on the profile you are using now, good luck ranking up and filling that section with many games and achievements. Be sure to enjoy the games in the process as that is the most important part of any trophy hunter.


Relax, you will surely be able to expand your circle of friends from the ones you have in your head. Many good folks roam this corner of the internet ^^


Anyways, have a good, fun time around here. See you around! :D

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