How do you hit homeruns?!

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Ok.. I've played baseball myself for about 16 years, I've represented my state multiple years, I very rarely struck out and occasionally I've been known to hit some dingers *Little league 2018 joke Youtube Big Al*  


But for the life of me ... I always seem to fall short when it comes to home runs on this game... Let alone hit 6 in a row.. Is there some trick to it? some sweet spot? 


I've tried things such as increasing my bat speed, angle of swing, full bat swing / half bat swing - still fall short , then when I rarely swing I hit a home run?!


It's really annoying me, I even youtubed it and found little 6 year olds at some baseball convention smashing 6+  home runs in a competition 

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I've found that the best way to hit home runs for me is to choose to play left handed(i myself am a righty) and do a tennis backhand swing with my right hand. This is way more consistent that anything else I've tried in this game.

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