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I'm just about at my wits end with this stupid mission but the advice I've been reading on the internet doesn't make it any easier with the key factor being boiled down to luck. Does anybody have any solid tips or advice that can help me beat this mission? of course, I'll post the winning formula afterwards if it can help others beat it but so far here's what I've been doing:

Immediately equp the pole arm and zandatsu all the soldiers, using the pole arm to quickly refill the meter incase if they ever get a sneaky hit on you (takes around 50 seconds to do this section)
Then I run down and take out the RPG guy and the 2 soldiers afterwards (Usually I'm at the 1.20 mark)
I run back to the start point and unequip the pole arm, then if I'm lucky the gekko and mastiffs are all stuck on the wall at the bottom of the ramp which allows me to lure them up one at a time (although this doesn't work sometimes) despite parrying most of the attacks and allowing the gekko to ram me for an easy kill etc. again, if i'm lucky... I'll be at around the 5 minute mark
Then I'll run back down and execute the soldiers and then making my way further to execute the RPG guys (again if I'm lucky, this mission cheap shots you a lot!)
I haven't got a strategy for the dogs yet, usually I don't have enough time as it'll be 9.30 and there's 2 dogs left, it's difficult to parry the counters with the way the camera is positioned and the fact that there is 4 of them but this is where I use the pole arm and go bat shit crazy on them hoping I can get the triangle and circle prompt to execute them but again, that is very hit and miss

Even VR-18 wasn't nearly as difficult as this but the Virtually Flawless trophy is ultra rare compared to this very rare Hero of the Metaverse trophy which to me doesn't make sense as this is a much harder mission. Can anybody offer me any advice as to where I'm going wrong... I have been trying to attack the Mastiffs one at a time but sometimes if I can't lure them one at a time, all 3 will gang up on me and fuck me mortally despite me not even attacking the other 2 :/ 

Thanks in advance :)


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42 minutes ago, ChristIllusion12 said:

Even VR-18 wasn't nearly as difficult as this but the Virtually Flawless trophy is ultra rare compared to this very rare Hero of the Metaverse trophy which to me doesn't make sense as this is a much harder mission.


I haven't played the DLC, so can't offer any helpful advice on that. I can, however, clear up why the DLC trophy isn't rarer than Virtually Flawless. The DLC rarity uses a geometric mean from the amount of game users and DLC users. Check this post for more information:

At first DLC rarity was based on DLC achievers / game owners, which led to DLC trophies being ultra rare. While some cases were correct (for example Mirror's Edge 75 and 99 stars, WipEout HD Stat Life, and The Last of Us Grounded and Grounded+), the majority of the DLC trophies were UR for no reason and changing it was one of the most requested features. Afterwards, it changed to DLC achievers / DLC owners. That was more accurate than the first method, but still not reliable as people could've own the DLC but not earn a trophy in it. Eventually the geometric mean was suggested and implemented. While being far more accurate than the previous 2 methods, it still has some inaccuracies.

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Kleapathic's videos generally include any advise you're gonna need. Whenever I was stuck in something his way would work, even if it took a few tries, maybe with minor deviations to account for my playstyle.


Edit: I'll edit this post as I remember details of how I did it. For now I think that you have to back each Fenrir into a corner alone and wail on it, never allowing the camera to look at anything other than the wall, because if I recall correctly they can't attack you from off-camera.

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Okay I've beaten it, here is what I did (Again, it all boils down to luck)

- First, equip the pole arm and what I did was tap triangle (hit them with the polearm) before I tap L1 to zandatsu them, this stops them from moving around as much and more chance of you actually performing the zandatsu on them... it might take half a second longer but it's well worth it.

- Do exactly the same for the RPG guy and the 2 soldiers, try and avoid his rocket if you can but my fastest time was about 1:20 at this point
- Next, run to where the dogs are going to spawn (Down the ramp) and get the Mastiffs and Gekko to follow you. Now go full on rambo with the polearm, I kept smashing triangle as it's better if you can do it when the mastiffs are all grouped up as it eliminates time... I did a combination of both parry's and dodges (square and x together to dodge) parrys for the mastiff's attacks and dodge for the mastiff's 'yellow' attacks and gekkos kicks. Easy zandatsu the gekko when he charges or gets his foot stuck in the ground and keep going at the mastiff's until they are completely blue or you get the triangle and circle prompt to zandatsu them that way. You should be around the 4:30 mark at this point.
- Afterwards, let the RPG's fire a shot and again, tap triangle for the polearm and then zandatsu them. I did the dude on one of the podiums first, followed by the centre RPG dude and then the other guy on the podium. After that, run up the ramp and do the polearm and zandatsu trick with the two normal soldiers on the ramp. You should be somewhere between 5-6 minutes here.

- If you know roughly where the dogs are going to spawn, run back down to the ramp to one of the spawn spots and go rambo on the polearm again. Countering attacks aren't really necessary but it helps if you can as 4 dogs can be a handful. You only have 2-3 minutes to take them out so you need to be quick but again, I got lucky like the mastiffs and had them all bunched together so I kept smashing triangle with the polearm and doing whatever parrys I could here and there. Wait for the triangle and circle prompt or wait for the dogs to turn completely blue but either way, you have to press L1 manually now and again to see what status the dog is in and if you can zandatsu them or not (this is crucial) 

- Once the 4 dogs are done, the mission ends. I got 07:59.57 and I couldn't fucking believe it. The last dog kept dodging my polearm and moving about too much so I had to run (R1) and charge (triangle) so the fucker will stay still and eventually it turned blue allowing me to zandatsu it.

This mission is hard, and it will fuck you a lot. It will test your patience and make you consider quitting gaming, but it is do-able despite it's broken flaws.
Hope this helps anyone who is struggling,


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