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Fast way to make Money, XP and champagne bottles


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 Start at LAB - To the left is a wallet on the desk,go to the room with the fixing bench in,open the safe,go to the room of desks, grab wallet, go in the lab part and open 2 fridges and grab wallet, go to the other science labs and go to first room on right, grab wallet and open the safe which is in the back behind the desk, go the the next room up, open fridge and safe.


Fast travel to BUNKER 2 - Turn around the chest is behind you, leave the room and climb the ladder, two more chests up there, go down manhole in the original room, kill suicider and open the chest, grab the two bottles of water


Fast travel to BUNKER 1 - Turn around, go up ladder and open chest


Fast travel to MOWEN'S BOAT -  Get off the boat and go behind the small building in front of you, open chest, head back to the boat and go up the stairs next to it, open the door and head up more stairs, open the chest


Fast travel to the RIVER VILLAGE - There is sometimes money on the zombie lying on the ground, go in the building with the fixing table, go past the fast travel board and open the door, loot both chests inside


Fast travel to WAREHOUSE - Grab hammer, open the bags, open the chest, grab the bat, grab the knife


Fast travel to CHURCH - Open all bags, leave church, go right out the gate, loot both corpses (if available) grab wallet , head by the ambulance, search bag, move a bit further up and grab the wallet


Fast travel to SQUARE - Loot the first fridge in the back left room and the other fridge in the back right room


Fast travel to LAB and CHURCH and repeat those place instructions


Sell all the weapons you acquire ( except the orange ones) and quit game and close application, reopen game and rinse and repeat how many times you like


Got to vendor in LIGHTHOUSE  - Buy Oleander (If not there keep reloading game or wait a bit) The oleander costs 115, I spend all my money.


Fast travel to OPE'S CAVE - Give the person all the Oleander you have, you get 600XP for 5 flowers


Fast travel to BUNKER 2 - Give the champagne you have gathered to Svetlana whom is in the end Diamond bungalow, you get 1000XP per bottle and a Diamond, sell the diamonds and repeat everything again. 




Hope this helps  :)

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