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Talented Builder - Anyone can confirm?


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So, I was thinking about the most optimal route to farm structures - an idea popped to my head but yet to be confirmed if it even works. 


My idea;


Go to any homebase, make a few stairs up and start building - When out of rss/space you simply cut off the stairs and all of the structures built will collapse and make room for new structures, in theory. 


Since storage is available, you can simply put several stacks of rss in it and go at it for a while.



Anyone tried this and can confirm if it works or not? 


My biggest concern is it being Stormshield (not SSDefense) so structures may not count.



Also, if anyone wants to join boost this trophy hmu on psn ?

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no this doesnt work you have to use the method you said but then run the stormshield mission for it to count. I have dont this twice now and i went from anout 140k to 300k but we did spend a good 3-4hrs doing this both times

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