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Digital Warhawk can't be downloaded to 2 ps3s


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Error code 80029752.

Researching a bit it seems like it can't be downloaded to different ps3s (or even played) and there's a 24 hours restriction to redownload.

I don't know if someone passed through the same bullshit, but I'll wait for tomorrow to check further if I'll be able to play or not cause informations are confusing and 11 years old lol.

Didn't want to lose precious boosting time, so if this restriction won't be lifted even by waiting the 24 hours, I'd buy this thing again on another account right now.

Has anyone passed through the same?


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I had the same issue, but I was able to download the game on my second PS3 after few days (I didn't try directly after the 24h mark though, so I can't confirm the exact waiting time). Yesterday, I launched the game and went online on both consoles at the same time and it worked flawlessly but I didn't try to play a match and see whether there's any issue connecting both consoles.

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