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Cannot progress with Doomsday Heist for CM4


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For the past couple of days my friends and I have been totally unable to launch the Doomsday heist missions. This is extremely irritating because we're only four missions away from completing Criminal Mastermind 4. 


On travelling to the planning room, our CEO keeps coming up against the same black screen with the message that the Rockstar game servers are unavailable. Normally I'd expect to be able to resume the heists once some time had passed, but we're on our third day now and still can't make any progress. We can play normal contact missions as usual, it seems that just Doomsday missions are affected. Has anyone else had this problem and if so were there any steps you took to resolve it, or is it purely a waiting game?


Cheers for any advice. I posted a message on the Rockstar support site last night but have yet to hear back.




For some reason unknown to science, have the CEO change their default language to something other than English. We're now progressing as usual :)

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Sounds good that you made it work again. Sucks each time having to do these playthroughs over. 


I can't count how many times these playthroughs glitched on me while going for the 100%.

Reset progression halfway through, not registering completed missions, cutscene not activating at the end of Act II Finale on the parking lot and many other things. 

Luckily most of it has been patched since starting on this for many months ago. 

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It does seem to be a temporary solution however, we got two missions done and then the same issue. We're trying the same method again to see if it works!


EDIT: This method does seem to work but it might only let you do one or two missions at a time. You'll need to keep switching forth between languages (just the host needs to do this it seems). No idea why the language settings apparently influence connection to the Doomsday Heists, but these are strange times we live in.

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