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Challenge Master Trophy glitched?


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So I've heard that the Challenge Master trophy won't pop on the PS3 version of the game only.
But I've also heard speculation that this is only for players who have downloaded from the NA store. But I've noticed  a few NA players have this trophy... hopefully some members of the community can clear this up or share their experiences. Cheers!

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EU/PAL region version seems unaffected - Challenge Master trophy popped immediately upon finishing the last challenge for me.

I did experience an unrelated glitch in my Hard playthrough where the game didn’t register my receiving one of the keys, but other than visually and one ‘plot event’ (I use the term loosely, of course), it didn’t affect either the outcome or the trophies popping.

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I've done some further research regarding this, and for the players I contacted who had achieved the trophy 100% had downloaded the game from the EU store.
So unless someone can contradict this statement, I think it's certain to conclude that this trophy is glitched for players who have downloaded the game from the NA store only.

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