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How to Access "The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented" DLC


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Hey guys, it’s Rubhen here showing you how to access the DLC Testing area in The Surge’s new expansion, The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented.

There are multiple entry points to the DLC areas. One in Abandoned Factory, one in Central production B, One in Resolve Biolabs, and one in the Executive Forum. I personally haven’t gotten to the last 3 so I’m going to show you the one in Abandoned Factory for now. Once I find the other 3, I will update the thread here.

In a completely New Game, you will need to reach each new location, and access the different testing chambers to unlock the different episodes. You also have to progress quite far to reach all the episodes. In NG+ and above once you reach the first testing chamber all episodes are unlocked.

The location I am showing is the first one in Abandoned Factory, at the start of the game. For this one you need to go to the basement and power up the mainline in order to turn on the electricity in the basement. Next head back the way you came to the door you used to get to the basement power line. You will run into the testing area. Take the elevator here to enter the DLC testing area.

And that’s that. Hope this was helpful, and when I do find the other access locations, I will make sure to update the thread




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