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Guided Vs exploration mode


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From what I can tell, guided mode displays waypoints and markers for your objectives.


Exploration mode doesn't place those for you, though. You get a general description like "the guy you need to meet is near a farm" and you go out in the world and try to find the farm and this guy on your own.


Whenever I pick up the game, I'm definitely going with exploration mode. I want to explore the world for myself and feel more accomplished for every objective I complete/find. I only know about guided/exploration mode based on a review video I saw, I may be missing some details. Anybody play the game yet and see all the differences?

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I'm really enjoying the game so far, it feels like origins but way smoother.


I love the combat. It feels so much better than all previous games.

Also the ship's have a better feel to them.


I've started on guided mode for my first playthrough but i will definitely be re playing this game on hard and exploration mode.


I've run into one major issue though, and that is that the game has crashed on me 5 times already.

It appears to happen whenever I attack a fort or leaders house. The game starts glitching as enemies come into view if I'm crouching down. It's like it's trying to process too much at the one time. My console starts getting louder at these points so I know it's going to crash.


Other than that, it's a great game so far.

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