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Incoming dlc

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I had the same problem with the trophy 3 stars and for 3 stars of the chapter 2 but i solved the problem!


I chose to begin a new file ( important: i didnt erase the first one!) and was ready to make all the levels once again. But i unlocked surf n turf trophy just after i finished level 2-3!!!


And with that i understand the problem! 

Do you remember the last update of the game? That's the problem! It cancelled your progression of 3 stars for the trophy although you can't see it. 

For me I know i was at level 2-3 when the update came. So i needed to remake only  the levels before 2-3 with 3 stars and it was good for the trophy. 


Note that i didnt erase my first file and begin a New one, i think it's important so you can remake only the levels you completed before the update. 


Hope it helps! 


Ps: sorry for my english it's not my language.


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hi, I wrote that question on steam and saw your answer there.

I am usually not on steam but I think I will update there if I can provide some helpful infos. But thank you for your help, it gave me some hope.


For now, I tried to figure out which date I played the worlds and found out that the patch came when I still was in World one. But - I got 3 Stars on world 1, and also world 2 and 3. Only the "3 stars in every level" is missing.

I replayed World 1 in a new savefile, while leaving the old savefile untouched in slot 1. in all 4 levels I got 3 stars, and no trophy popped. so maybe it will pop in World 2, but I just can't manage to do it alone and world 2 was the one my fiance dropped out and said he wouldn't do it again, that world wasn't fun to him ^^"

In the end I am afraid I have to do world 2 and 3 all over again and still search for someone to help me. but I am also afraid that changing partners or switching from couch koop to online koop might be also part of the issue, bc I did that a few times in my first playthough.


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