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Glitch? 2 axe orbs 1 treasure box


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Has this happened to anyone else? 


I was inside the Imperial Castle. Ya know, the castle in North Town. I fight the first boss, the Metal Mantis, and after you defeat him you are free to explore the castle a bit right? So I explore my way to the room with the weapon orbs in the treasure chests. The room is set up with the two chests in the centre of the room, surrounded by 3 knights you have to kill. I believe the knights are called Armored Man.


I triggered the animation sequence for opening  up the treasure chest, but got hit by one of the knights during this. My character still opened the chest and got the axe orb, but the treasure chest didn't disappear. So after I cleared the room of enemies I got to open up the chest again and get another axe orb. 


I know I only had 3 axe orbs before entering that room and I now have 5. I managed to capture this on PS4 capture, it shows me getting both orbs and that I now have five, but i don't think it shows the fact that I only started with 3. 






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