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Which main game trophy to save for last (after DLC)?


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I like getting 100% and platinums at the same time whenever possible for games with DLC. So which trophy would be easiest to save for when I've completed all DLC? I was thinking of unlocking all but one of the main game skills and then unlocking the final one in NG+ after doing everything else. Would this be possible? I'm not sure if skills and - more importantly - skill points are carried over to NG+.



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I played the game some time ago but its still my favorite.

to be honest I am not sure, but if I remember correctly, some skills carry over and some disappear bc they are story related. I think I kept my skilpoints, together with my level, money, equip and all. but it is also pretty easy to keep one of the grazer figures intact that is easy to reach near a camp.

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Ah okay. I couldnt find anywhere that confirmed if my progress on those would carry over or if I'd have to get all 23 in NG+.


I suppose it's not the biggest problem to leave them all and grab all 23 later in NG+, so I'll probably do that. Thanks for the reply :)

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you can save the ''downed 23 grazer dummies'' for last. basically they are like these training dummies in the beginning area of the game. if you see any of them during your 1st playthrough just dont hit them and get them last when youre done with the dlc trophies

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