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Any alternatives instead of a second PS4 Controller?


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Hi guys new to the forums here so if the topic is in an incorrect place apologies.


I recently bought a game which is the lego hobbit, and i've already started the game and i already achieved the first 2 trophies (so cannot delete at this point). The problem is i just discovered the game has a local co-op only trophy which is keeping me away from the platinum, as i don't have (and don't intend to buy) a second ps4 controller. Over here it's really expensive so i've googled some information to any alternatives but i'd like some personal input from users here if they ever used anything else as a second controller.

I know you can use your ps3 controller by buying some hardware/USB kind of thing but i'm also trying to avoid that. Maybe anyone managed to use their android phone as a second controller? or found a better method to connect their ps3 controller to their ps4? please any help is really appreciated.


P.S - My vita is currently broken beyond repair, so using that as a second controller is a no go for me

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26 minutes ago, kingdrake2 said:

if you have a vita it may work but i'm not 100% sure. wish i could be more useful those controllers just to have on hand is pretty spendy.

ah sorry forgot to mention my vita is broken so its a no go as well. Though yea if anyone did have a vita it can act as a second controller according to the lego hobbit guide


16 minutes ago, Taliesin_2943 said:

Possibly might could use your phone with remote play? Not sure

researched on that too, though i have just read. Once i get home in the evening i will try that out. Although i am a bit skeptical as the app has generally bad reviews and mostly negative comments

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Vita will do it, I did the 2 player stuff in Lego Marvel way back when it came out with my Vita before buying a second DS4

Remote Play on Android will do it too, but you'll have to see if the latest version works or if they've patched it yet again


Otherwise, try your luck signing into a second profile with the same controller, sometimes the game won't detect the controller being registered to player 2, and player 1 can sit and idle along just fine.


Share Play is also an option, as others have stated. 

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