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NP-32136-5 error


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So has anyone had this I cannot sync trophies at all right now and while its not linked to a game people have said for them it normally is so the last 2 games I played are AC Odyssey and WWE 2K19 AC is on my list but WWE will not appear anyway Sony told me to rebuild the database which I did no look and then they said to try a initialize of the ps4 but that did not help


any idea on how to fix this error

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I checked a friend who was playing it and he had zero trophies and then I remembered I got the deluxe version the game does not officially come out till the 9th so guess that is the issue wish Sony would have just told me this lol


thanks Sly

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Bump. This error is back with WRC Generations. The PS4 version will not sync its trophies. Been like it since Tuesday and the early access for those who brought the Fully Loaded Edition. The games full release is today and I still can't get my trophies I've earned on it to sync.


Now doing the Rebuild Database..... 

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