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Occasionally, immediately after the game ends, the game disconnects from the server, and it feels like before stats would be recorded. My official stats do reflect the progress. Are the stats “official” as long as they show up in the stats?



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Hey B1rvine,

if you're only using 1 copy of the game (digital or retail) the stats that show up should be official since they are the same stats that you have on your save file. While I was boosting my phat PS3 kept disconnecting, using a cable rather then wireless solved the issue.

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I have the same question. My online game would often disconnect after finishing the match, right before the message saying that the stats where uploaded.

Does that mean I have to redo the online trophies from scratch?

I would then exit the game to the XMB, and restart it. After I connected to the online again, my stats' page would save there progress I thought lost. But is this true? Should I be worried about this? Do stats save even if you disconnect post-match but before the stats were updated?

How does this affect the "All Sales Are Final" trophy?

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I’ve since discovered the answer from when I posted this. In the stat screen, there’s a spot where it says “Last Updated” and a time. This is the actual time the stats were last updated.  If the stats show a time close to when you finished, it recorded properly, even if the wins, kills etc haven’t updated.

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