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Is HDR compatible to FullHD?


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I am considering a new display for my PS4 Pro. The one I have at the top of my list has is HDR and UHD capable. But I am wondering if UHD (4K) is a requirement for HDR or can it be enabled for lower resolutions too? I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't work but maybe there are some limitations.


Before you ask, the reason is that I might need to switch to FHD for certain games depending on the interface. This is simply because I don't have room for a huge display, in fact anything above 32" is simply too big. Being a PC gamer I use a desktop and not a couch setup. I don't even have a couch! And that's why I am most likely going to buy is a 27" 4k display. And the problem is that UHD on such a small screen, compared to TVs is rather small due to the very high DPI. But I digress.

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@CyberJapanGamer I agree or I hope I will once I get my a display


@x7eight I thought as much, but like it is sometimes with tech there might be some weird limitations in place that prevent something for some strange reason. In any case this should clear things up. All I need now is to wait till November and hope I can get a nice deal when all the crazy sales are happening. :)

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On 06.10.2018 at 9:52 PM, HuntingFever said:

HDR won't work on anything less than a 4K Display with HDR/Dolby Vision Compatibility.


That’s not entirely true. There’re 1080p TVs with HDR support, eg this one from LG and more. They are just less common than 4K models.

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