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mgs v definitive experience

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I will be starting mgs v soon and i just had a couple of questions about it.

The road map for the deterrence trophy recommends to play the game offline as patch 1.06 makes it harder to farm resources. Does that include the definitive experience of the game? (playstationtrophies.org)

Should I update the definitive experience or play it in offline mode?

Does the definitive experience already patch the game to 1.06 inside the disc?

Overall, I have the definitive experience and I just want to know what is the best and fastest way to platinum the game (patched or un-patched)
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I platted the game a couple of years ago, on PS3 though. Some events under the FOB tab, like eliminating the skulls have platforms with good amount of resources. You have to infiltrate different platforms in order for other platform respawn containers with high amount of resources. Try to play these events as you may also get a few S++ soldiers as reward.

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I'd just play it in online mode. The resource glitch can't be done after it was patched, but you really don't need to.  The amount of times you'll be playing missions over to S rank them will be longer than the time it takes to gather resources thru the gathering missions you can send your teams on.  If not, it'll be pretty close.

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Online, the guides are a bit out of d8


Not sure about past versions, but online makes it about 20hrs quicker now


As for farming, u can still farm resources, just as fast as b4


Basically u will get all this in 4mins

What you earn (if you fulton all containers):

  • Fuel-15000
  • Bio-7500
  • Com met-16500
  • Min met-8800
  • Prec met-1050
  • TT77 tank-3 (sell for 100000gmp each)



U can also infinitely spawn the lil chick hat which makes u god mode, voids S rank, but is good for all tasks




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I was working on a platinum speedrun for this game at one point, hence y I discovered some stuff that was unknown.


And believe it or not,the dispatch missions are the worse trophies, ALWAYS have the main dispatch missions going


I could comfortably acquire 98% of trophies in abt 40hrs, then the dispatch missions become a problem. Those last dispatch missions could literally add another 20hrs


Deterrence is NOTHING, just play online always and farm those resourcess when u get to that point and that nuke trophy will come almost naturally



Also, u can play as Quiet now, not sure if that can help anything?

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