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whats the 'day one' edition?

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16 hours ago, Babsimabuse said:

You aren´t new to gaming, there is a guide here for that game..don´t get why you are asking and not doing your own research before, sorry.

He's asked the exact same question and expected an answer on trophies.org aswell. Infact his op & reply in this thread are exact copy pastes from the other forum & he hasn't replied there  either after demanding help.

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I'm not sure, but I pre-ordered via Amazon and got a "Limited Steelbook Edition," which didn't come with any additional in-game content. I just got a steelbook (which is still pretty nice considering I'm only paying the standard $60 ($10 discount with Prime, but that's aside from the point) and some physical postcards of the cover art of the last three games.

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