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Requesting - Custom Pictures/Artwork


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Dear PSNProfiles, 


I´m trying to work up a decent Twitch-channel and interested in help with decent custom work for a better layout. 


This will be featured as a Trophy Hunter-channel and will need to look the part with a smooth and nice looking profile. 

Anybody interested in making these? Credit will be given of course.


In need of; 

- Avatar (I already use an Avatar, but it could use an upgrade)

- Logo

And pictures/texts that fits the Twitch-channel specs (AboutMe/PlatinumCount/etc)


What also would be great, is if someone could scale the PSNProfiles logo to fit the Twitch as a "Imageclick" so it will redirect the clicker to  i.e the Instagram picture on my channel. 


For a better overview on the currently shitty looking channel, visit twitch.tv/Mortick 


All help is appreciated.



Edited by iLL-Mortick
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