Hippokrates Story line not showing? (Possibly Solved)

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On 10/9/2018 at 11:27 AM, Quink666 said:

I found the solution for it nor showing up! You simply have to walk close to him and it shows up. 

Following this video.

Look where he picks up the very first quest. It never showed on map but when i got close it showed up instantly! You must get really close. 


Thank you!

I am in Chapter 7 (Kings of Sparta) & this questline didn't popup until I was near the AKROPOLIS OF THEBES about 70 meters from this area the Gold quest THE HUNTING PARTY magically appeared.


So i too can confirm this trick does work!!!


Edit: So after the first two quests he doesn't give anymore & walks away. I followed him & when I got near the Message Board I decided to accept some quests & then he was gone!!!

To get around this, I delivered some goods someone needed nearby. AFTER THAT MINI-QUEST, THE 3RD OF HIPPOKRATES' QUEST APPEARED.

In my playthrough, I had already cleared out the dying mans family rival so I was done.

Then after getting Hippokrates the Hemlock herb he wanted in his 4th quest, the trophy popped!

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So I have completed the main story and all relevant sidewquests however the icon is not appearing for the quest “ inheritance insurance” and I have tried waking over the man and have also raided the leader house. Iv also tried waiting an hour for it to appear and it still hasn’t. Any suggestions?


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