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I'm thinking about starting this sometime soon but I have a question with the 50% off code sitting in my inbox...If someone were to start this game from 0% would you recommend starting with the DLC enabled or do the base game plat before getting and doing the DLC? I ask because it looks like WotC changes a lot and while I do want to enjoy the content I don't want to make other trophies harder/impossible to get especially as it seems to be a very long, fairly difficult plat as is. any advice is greatly appreciated!

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So I would ask how familiar are you with Xcom 2 and Xcom in general. If you played Xcom: EU or EW on impossible and want the quickest trophy path then you can do it in two playthroughs like the trophy guide list. If you want to learn each system without complications, you will need to install the base without installing any of the other DLCs. The AH and SLG will get added to your vanilla playthrough, so it will add new systems. Xcom 2 is different than Xcom. The new systems the DLCs add are easy to understand and not too complicated. I hope that helps.

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You can get all base game trophies in WotC. They just get more complex. For instance, "Exquisite Timing" you get an additional 15 days, but it is tighter than the base game. If you have AH installed, "The Untouchables" is almost luck based. "Heros of the Resistance is almost impossible in Wotc.  Although other things become easier like "Now I Am Become Death" when you get the Chosen weapons. "Brutal Collection" does not include Priest or the Purifier. That is my opinion. YMMV.

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You can 100% the WotC content without getting too far into that playthrough. I played and almost platted all pre-wotc content prior to the release of WotC and then just got those trophies on top. It worked well for me, but in my case I didn't really have a choice.


Personally, I appreciated the WotC content, but found it to be too much at once after being used to vanilla xcom 2. So based on my experience, I would recommend leaving it as a separate partial playthrough. 

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But WotC is so much better than standard version.


First menu you have to choose which version of game you play (WotC or standard version). 


DLC (alien hunters and shens last gift) wont make the standard game any harder (even makes a bit simpler, you can get a few extra weapons to scan at the beginning), but dont start missions like 'abandoned research facility' and 'lost towers' mission at the beginning. For 'lost towers' mission you need a bit better weapons, so you can do it later with upgraded weapons. If you start 'abandoned research facility' mission, the game can be quite hard with legend and commander difficulty.


Every trophy can be done with WotC, but some story missions ('A Torch Passed', 'A New Alliance', 'A Forbidden Experiment') cant be done with one playthrough. Only trophy 'Exquisite Timing' I advise to do it standard version, because the fatigue system and chosen bosses makes it too hard. And when you are doing 'Exquisite Timing' trophy with standard version then 'The Untouchables' is the best to do with that playthrough.


I just earned every trophy of this great game once again with my 2nd account. I didnt like to start standard version of the game, but I needed because the trophy 'Exquisite Timing'. Why WotC is so much better?

+ because it has better scout (in standard version scout is useless, if you want to do even one health bar damage to the enemy and its detection radius is way to big, so for me, it feels like you have one soldier fewer, than you actually have)

+ loading times are much shorter

+ you can get a lot more abilties to your soldiers (if your soldier ranks up and both of the abilities are good, you can get both of them, if you want)

+ it has fatigue system, so if your solder get hit, it wont be such a drama, like it was with standard version (oh my best soldier got hit, so he wont be available afew next missions, so i really need to load previous save), with fatigue system your soldiers need to rest and you cant use them every mission, so i wasnt waiting behind loading times anymore, i just enjoyed this great game and learned from my mistakes (like i said, standard version loading times are way much longer than WotC)


With WotC the game will be longer, but if you like the game, it cant be problem.


On 10/10/2018 at 9:43 PM, pikoale said:

'Heros of the Resistance' is almost impossible in Wotc.

Its not impossible, it was quite easy. But you wont earn this trophy when you have retaliation mission with resistance fighters (19 civilians), it has to be the same retaliation mission like it was in standard version (13 civilians).


One big problem with WotC is when you are doing ironman playthrough. Mission with the lost your save fail can be corrupted and it can be disappeared. If this happens, you have to start at the beginning. So its important to back up your save to the cloud or to the usb from time to time, especially before the mission with the lost.

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