Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy List Leak! *SPOILERS* Another Early Copy Game!

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22 hours ago, Solid-Fisch said:

Still you lied about some other things, which simply makes you what you are: a liar. Makes me laugh at you and the poor attitude of celebrating yourself and the need to come back here just to say 'I was right'. 

yeah of course i'm gonna come back here and say what I had to say to those who called me a liar, yeah I may have just threw out a random game file size just to get people to back off. seriously, I only leak trophy lists early, be happy that I do it. some of us here actually likes to see the list very early. again not all games trophy list get published early. so with Red Dead Redemption 2 trophy list leaked 15 days before it was officially published onto the servers is awesome to see. calling it now, Fallout 76 game file size is 500MB! for those who ask when I leak the trophy list next week. bet. call me a liar again homeboy. :D lol

13 hours ago, TJ_Solo said:


What's the point when sites like this always post the lists early and without any worry over the list being wrong?

well for big games like RDR 2, Assassin's Creed, Shadow of The Tomb Raider and Call of Duty. their trophy lists get's published on the servers like 2 days before the official release date of the game. so with me getting them and leaking the list 2 weeks before is what I try to do and majority of the people here like it. 


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