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Trophy discussion: no platinum this time


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So I did not see this one coming, another Heavy Fire game. I loved the Afghanistan one (even though you are supposed to look down on them as serious gamer or something) and I would enjoy this one as well I'm sure. But trophy wise it seems to be a bit of a letdown. Only 315 points and no platinum. But also, I see a lot of comments about this game being a reskin of another game called IS Defense. It would have to be pretty cheap then to be any value for your money, especially as a trophy hunter. But that's just my own opinion of course, and I would love to hear to hear the thoughts of other secret Heavy Fire fans... ;)

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i'm shocked it doesn't have a plat, but the list looks pretty simple, just might be somewhat grindy, depending on how many enemies each level has.


still none the less excited for this, seeing as i enjoyed the 2 previous games :D 

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