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On the Rise glitchy...?


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Hi all


So my team just won our first game as a Pro-Level team in Pro-Am but the "On the Rise" trophy didn't pop. It was our first win as a Pro team and not the win where we ranked up to a Pro level one (incase someone may ask that question).



I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or if it's just a case of me interpreting the trophy requirements incorrectly. There are no guides for this game and this particular trophy is quite rare and a pain in the arse (co-op multiplayer), so I wasn't able to find anything on Google or YouTube.



Thanks in advance.



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I don't know if they ever fixed the issue or not but I know I had to join like 3 pro-am teams in order to actually get that trophy. Pro-Am for 2k18 was so glitchy and ruined the whole experience, the best thing I can say is to try to get a win again, you have till they shut the servers down next year. 

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