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Special Issue Equipment/Weaponry glitched?


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8 hours ago, Ampplaca said:

are they currently glitched. i got over 10 with both weaponry and equipment and neither popped. did this yesterday after the 1.05 update

They could be, back where I did them the weaponry popped fine but I needed like 15 or 16 with equipment before it popped. I believe some don’t count. I just recommend firebreak for both trophies; his flamethrower is good & his atomic canister is god tier for objectives & normal gameplay. They can be a floor above you, throw a wall and behind cover and it’ll still damage them. Also; they can’t heal for quite a while after being affected.

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Can anyone confirm if Battery's "Stick" medal counts towards the equipment trophy. Or no? I'm not sure if my trophy has also glitched or if "Stick" doesn't actually count at all? 

I've got 6 "Stick", 2 "Pure Gold", 1 "Mayhem", 1 "Ambushed", and no trophy unlock ?.


*EDIT* Nevermind, can confirm myself that "Stick" does not count. Went and got 6 "Sitting Duck" medals with Prophet and got the trophy with that.

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