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Are servers still up?


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I can confirm that the servers are still up but Playstation 4, Vita and Android are not cross play, I don't know about PC version.


Looking for a third player for trophy and run of game would be easier with three.


I only have three levels to complete but willing to run through game again for third player.

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Multiplayer has not been functioning at all. That’s bad because a bunch of levels are impossible with 1 person. It’s been booting me out of levels while signed in and trying to enter levels with other players. Fortunately, the dev team replied to my post on their facebook and said they will examine the server. Tell them your city while they’re working on it :)

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This was a quite a quick response to my email I must say. It sounds like it is still active, but only in that area in Switzerland (For some reason, I guess maybe the title, I thought it was in Germany :facepalm:). I attempted using DNS server code for Zurich ( to no avail (it's obvious the way this technology works is way in over my head :S). It doesn't bear petitioning to recreate/emulate the server or try to get such a thing approved for this site, but I think a solution may lie in using a VPN to connect to the Zurich server (like with NordVPN/proxy). I'm not sure how exactly this works or how close this is to getting a working session (without flying to Switzerland for 4 trophies :lol: imagine that because I would be the first to do so), but I don't think this would come down to something like signal strength, because then how could we make foreign PSN accounts and download those games? BTW the reason i mentioned a possible removed cheater was due to seeing a German user on the game page show this game more recently with a recent and quickly done 100%, as well as with the VITA version of Backgammon Blitz (with definitely gone online trophies) who is now not visible due to either hiding the game(s) or just being removed.

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