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Royal Letters

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A small thing, do they only show up on the map once you've gone close to them? I've found 4 of them so far, but there aren't any others on the map so far as far as I can tell (and yes, I know they're only in the Westminster area of London).  Been ages since I played the game last and had found 3 back them (I found one more earlier on while going for these other collectibles).  And the guide doesn't really explain it either, it just tells you where they are, not on how you could find them on your own.

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2 minutes ago, DamagingRob said:

The answer is yes. Had to use a map or a video for some of those. 

Ah, thanks for that.  Wasn't sure what the case was, but thanks for the quick answer there.  I'll search Westminster later on and see which ones I can find on my own., then resort to a map or something when said options are exhausted :D

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