480 Mission Tips?

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I don't have the trophy myself. 

I think I'll take a loan from the bank and get Vesperarcade do all 3 versions for me but just the 480 one.Maybe. 


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I know I'm reviving a bit of a dead thread here, but what worked for me was just consistency. I made the goal of completing 1 mission per day, which would often be the hardest one for any given character. If I tried and tried and tried and couldn't do it, I'd finish an easier one and try the hard one again the next day. The important thing was finishing at least one mission, regardless of the difficulty. By the time you manage to complete the 3 hardest missions for each character, you can probably just go ahead and stop doing 1 per day and finish the remaining missions right then and there.


I don't think that was the clearest explanation, so here's what I mean:

Attempt Dr. Doom mission 10 -> Succeed -> Done for the day -> Attempt Dr. Doom mission 9 the next day

                                                   Fail (After an hour or so of genuinely trying) -> Do Dr. Doom mission 4 -> Done for the day -> Attempt Dr. Doom mission 10 the next day


This is all assuming you've got some time put into the other modes, to the point where you can play decently well. Don't expect for even this to work if you've got no experience and are jumping into mission mode first thing.


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